Markley Recent Infrastructure Upgrades

Posted on May 06, 2014 by Adam Burnham

The Markley Group continues to make significant investments to compliment and expand critical power infrastructure at our One Summer Street location. March construction has seen the final two (2) 1,500kW diesel engines commissioned and placed in service on an existing six-engine paralleling switchgear project. On it’s heels, April resulted in the addition of two (2) new 2,000kW diesel generators and associated six-engine piece of switchgear. Stand-by diesel storage improvements happening in parallel have yielded a local fuel storage increase by nearly 20,000 gallons, and diverse fuel piping routes installed. We recently broke ground on a new 10MVA utility vault anticipated to be online this summer, and started assembling 4.4MVA of uninterruptible power supply equipment to be arranged in a 2N configuration. As if we weren’t busy enough, we decided to start laying steel for a new chiller plant.

Click here to watch the Markley Generator Crane Pick video.