The Dog Days of Summer

By Eleni Krupinski | July 1, 2019

As we enter into the “dog days of summer,” it's great to know that every day is a dog day at One Summer Street. You know Markley as a data center and carrier hotel facility offering colocation, connectivity and cloud services, but the Markley story isn't complete without our three furry friends.

Meet Max, Lucky, and Ollie, that each hang out at Markley’s dog-friendly offices most days. Their presence and unique personalities brighten our work environment and offer a pleasant surprise to our visiting clients. Plus, they encourage us to bring the same enthusiasm to our work as they bring to playing fetch and asking for treats.

max-blog-photo-web-1Name: Max

Age: 12

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Years at Markley: 12

Parent: Jeff Markley

Personality: Friendly, sociable, and calm.

Favorite toy: Max was a great ball player in his youth! Favorite pastime at Markley: Greeting visitors on the 5th floor.

Pet Peeve: Not a fan of rain.

Fun Fact: Max has traveled to France for a life-saving surgery.

"Max has really mastered the art of ‘the puppy-dog-eyes’. He has got it down to the T."

lucky-blog-web-1Name: Lucky

Age: 12

Breed: Weimaraner

Years at Markley: 4 years

Parent: Adam Burnham

Personality: Lazy, fiercely loyal, can be cranky.

Favorite activity: Loves to go hiking on the weekends.

Favorite treat: What’s on the menu?

Favorite hang out at Markley: His bed on the 5th floor (...and wherever there are treats).

Pet Peeve: Hates being wet; he refuses to go swimming and will avoid rain at all costs.

Fun Fact: Lucky is a rescue dog from the great state of Georgia!

“Whenever Lucky comes downstairs, he immediately comes to see me... because I have treats!”

ollie-blog-web-1Name: Ollie

Age: 5

Breed: Havanese

Years at Markley: 16 months

Parent: Tim Sherbak

Personality: Playful, but timid with people. Bark first, ask questions later.

Favorite toy: His squeaky ball (it smells like bacon!)

Favorite pastime at Markley: Visiting Max and Lucky on the 5th floor.

Life ambition: To catch a squirrel.

Fun Fact: Will dance for treats.

“I love when Ollie comes running down the hallway in the morning to chase after his ball. I love that look of pure excitement!”

Having Max, Lucky and Ollie around helps create an open office environment where both employees and clients feel comfortable and empowered. Our office dogs bond us into more than just coworkers, and, every day, they brighten our outlook with their grounding presence.

“Seeing the dogs is like a breath of fresh air.”

It’s those humanizing moments when Ollie sneezes in the middle of the hallway, or Lucky quietly joins a team meeting, or Max lazily greets us on from his outpost on the 5th-floor carpet that makes us smile and laugh. They remind us that our work is not just about providing connectivity services, but also about forming connections with each other and with our clients. At Markley, we strive to build strong relationships with our customers, paying attention to their individual requests and customizing solutions to meet their needs.

From everyone here at Markley, we hope you have a wonderful summer!

PS: Enjoy these behind-the-scenes bonus pictures of our boys from a recent photo shoot of the Summer Street data center.