Flexible, Affordable Storage in the Cloud

Whether it’s high-performance, fast-class connectivity or archive-style data storage, Markley provides a suite of cloud storage solutions for every business—and every budget.

Markley Cloud Services offers multiple tiers of storage based on specific business needs:

Solid State Storage as a Service
for Markley Cloud and Colo 

Solid State Disks (SSDs) provides the highest level of performance—both in Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and throughput. SSD is Markley’s fastest, most reliable storage.

Markley Cloud and Colo customers enjoy high bandwidth, low latency access to SSD Storage Services using standard block and file access protocols.  Unmetered access with no data ingress or egress charges.

Mixed Workload Storage as a Service
for Markley Cloud and Colo

Ideal for both seldom and frequently accessed data, Mixed Workload Storage is a unique feature of the Markley Cloud.  With three tiers of disk, Mixed Workload Storage optimizes cost efficiency.  By evaluating access patterns, data is transparently moved to the appropriate tier. 

Accessible by standard block and file protocols by both Markley Cloud and Colo customers. 

Markley Object Storage Cloud
Unlimited storage from any distance

Part of Markley’s EMC ECS system, Archive* supports many EMC proprietary features, including CloudPools, CloudBoost and CloudArray. The ECS system uses 7.2K drives and supports Object Storage (SWIFT, S3), NFS, HDFS, and Lustre. Clients with an EMC storage system can use these technologies to extend their system onto Markley’s cloud through MCS Connect—with no additional licenses required. And because Markley does not charge for data transferred over direct connect, Archive requires significantly less investment than many other cloud offerings.

* Archive supports SEC 17a compliance. This is a rule that turns Markley Cloud Services’ storage system into a Write Once, Read Many (WORM) device. Clients with an admin or root on their local system cannot delete files on the Markley system until a pre-set date. SEC 17a can be used for any application that requires guaranteed retention.


Key Features

  • Native CloudPools, CloudBoost, and Cloud Array, with no licensing fees
  • Mixed Workload ensure excellent performance for clients with both frequently and infrequently accessed datasets
  • Seamless replication of traffic to multiple POPs
  • Multiple access technologies (iSCSI, NFS, S3, SWIFT, Lustre, HDFS)
  • No charge for access over MCS Connect
  • SEC 17a compliance on EMC gear