Markley Now

What if you could build a portal from your home to your office, where all you had to do to get there was simply step out of your door and walk to the end of your driveway? Instead of being subjected to problems on the road (bad drivers, traffic jams, construction delays, icy roads in the winter, expensive tolls, etc.), imagine that your office was literally the next door over. That would make your commute pretty painless, wouldn’t it? That’s what it’s like to use the Boston Internet Exchange (BOSIX).
Here at Markley, we’re always looking for ways to optimize the performance, cost, reliability, and security of our customers’ IT operations. Our dedicated team of specialists delivering hands-on service and support is invaluable in achieving this goal. So is providing access to the latest technology solutions, which is why we’re proud to announce the availability of Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365.
As we continue to embrace the reality that hybrid work is here to stay, data centers have remained a critical piece of the complex IT puzzle. However, as IT teams work to develop long-term hybrid IT infrastructure to focus on on-premise, cloud-based infrastructure, and hybrid cloud models, it’s important to not forget about colocation.
Today is International Data Center Day – a day dedicated to creating awareness of the data center industry and inspiring the next generation of talent! As New England’s largest and longest operating multi-tenant, mission-critical telecommunications and data center facility, we are proud to contribute to the success the industry has seen, with our proven track record of unparalleled performance and reliability.