Innovative Ways Customers Use the Markley Cloud

By Timothy Sherbak | September 17, 2018

Markley offers a variety of in-house cloud-based services. Markley Cloud Services (MCS) offerings include:

Infrastructure – create your own virtualized data center (VDC) infrastructure and run your business applications on our hardware;

Storage – access object-based storage over any distance, or extend your colocated data center with file and block storage services;

Backup – protect data in your data center, your colocated resources, or your Markley Cloud virtualized infrastructure to local and out of region backup storage targets;

Disaster Recovery – replicate your critical business applications to a Markley Cloud point-of-presence (PoP) for continued operations in case of a site failure. Because Markley Cloud Services offers high bandwidth connectivity with unmetered access to Markley colocation facilities and carrier networks, many customers recognize the value of creating hybrid cloud solutions that integrate their in-house data centers with scalable, elastic cloud offerings from Markley. Here is a sample of innovative solutions customers have deployed using Markley Cloud Services as a key element of their hybrid cloud.

Offsite Backups to Meet Regulatory Requirements

A Boston-based financial services firm archives their backups to the Markley Cloud Storage-as-a-Service target in Dallas to meet regulatory ’out of region’ compliance requirements. Over 400 TB’s of data is stored offsite to prevent the risk of fines for non-compliance. All data transfers from their production data center at Markley Lowell are cost-effectively transmitted unmetered within the Markley network to the Dallas PoP, preventing significant metering charges they would incur through other service provider networks.

A Highly Available Ticket Reservation System

A well-known Boston performing arts organization makes sure their online ticketing system never misses a sale with an active-active database cluster geographically distributed across two Markley Cloud points of presence using a dedicated, redundant DWDM connection between the two sites. Their IT infrastructure is fully based in the Markley Cloud, freeing their IT team from managing any physical infrastructure. In addition, their multiple virtual data centers utilize the Markley Backup-as-a-Service product(s) to centrally back up all of their data sets.

Secure Access to Cloud Services

An innovative cybersecurity company runs their IT operations across active-active data centers housed in two Markley colocation facilities, directly connecting their infrastructure with Markley Cloud Storage and Backup Services without ever traversing the public Internet. The two data centers interconnect across a Layer 2, redundant 10-gigabit DWDM link, and cross-connect internally to the Markley Cloud for unmetered access to over a half a petabyte of their cloud-based storage.

The Show Must Go On

A premier events management company based in California runs their IT infrastructure exclusively in the Markley Cloud in the Boston PoP, hosting their Disaster Recovery site in a Markley Cloud point-of-presence several time zones away from their cloud-based production data center. Monthly disaster recovery charges are minimized, limited to charges for DR software licenses and the storage requirements of their replicated copies.

How Will You Use the Markley Cloud?

For more information on Markley Cloud Services, download a data sheet here. Reach out to us at to discuss how Markley can help you realize cloud computing strategy.