Hybrid Cloud: Moving Mainstream

By Paul Andrews | December 15, 2015

Last week, we discussed how 2016 is yet again predicted to be “the year of the cloud,” with most organizations expected to finish moving the remainder of their business to the cloud. We’ve talked a lot in the past year about the hybrid cloud, and how organizations have been drawn to this model for an easier and more manageable cloud deployment.

While it has been suggested that hybrid cloud will become mainstream in the next five years, a new report by Verizon Enterprise claims it already is, especially for large organizations. The “State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016” found that 75% of companies said that they planned to include hybrid cloud as part of their strategy in 2016. The report also found that around 50% of companies surveyed already use the hybrid cloud model.

Here at Markley Group, we’ve seen the hybrid cloud model become the method of choice for IT departments looking to cloud-enable their businesses. It doesn’t require businesses to overspend on infrastructure equipment or create a data center from scratch, but rather simplifies the process, utilizing only the resources and costs needed to fit bandwidth, capacity and budget requirements.

So what makes the hybrid cloud even more appealing in 2016? The hybrid cloud has moved beyond its “hype” features, and is being used by more and more companies – companies that have now realized it is simply the most efficient and customized way to optimize IT infrastructure.

The hybrid cloud has matured to the point where it can provide excellent security to companies, allowing staff to access critical data from anywhere, at any time, while maintaining control over the physical infrastructure and network.

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