The Internet of Things – What it Means for You and Your Organization

By Chris Kenney | February 29, 2016

The Internet of Things – or IoT. Everyone working in technology has heard this phrase one way or another over the past couple of years. You’ve probably also heard about how it’s going to affect your industry, company, personal life and more. As such, Markley Group has had plenty of conversations internally and with our customers about how this trend will impact the way they operate – from the amount of data they consume to how they secure these additional, connected devices.

Luckily, from a data creation and storage perspective, the Internet of Things will have little impact on an organizations’ strategy. That’s because today’s advanced data centers are already equipped to handle the information that comes from the billions of IP addresses that exist in the world – and as Markley Group’s CTO Patrick Gilmore says, “IoT is an evolutionary (not revolutionary) step in the progression of the modern data center.” But just because you won’t have to worry about storing the data that these connected devices create does not mean that you don’t have to be aware and proactive of the potential cybersecurity threats that come with it.

As a recent AT&T study finds, 85 percent of business are already exploring or implementing connected devices in the enterprise, but only 10 percent are confident in the security of those devices. Moreover, only 14 percent of the companies considering or already using connected devices have an auditing process in place to proactively check those devices. As Jon Summers, senior vice president of advanced solutions at AT&T, said: “The data needs to be secure whether it’s sitting in the cloud somewhere or in transit between the (Internet of Things) device and the cloud.”

So where should a company start? Every good security strategy should be cohesive across an entire organization, including IoT. Here are our top tips for making sure all of your data, whether it’s coming from a connected device or otherwise, is secure:

Be Prepared for Tough Questions – cybersecurity threats are nothing new, and they clearly aren’t going away. That being said, it benefits no one to take a reactive approach to security. Instead, be proactive. Know the questions that your colleagues, executives and customers are going to ask before they ask them. By staying ahead of the curve, you’ll be prepared and knowledgeable for anything that comes your way.

Raise Your Standards – chances are, if you’re considering how IoT will impact your organization, you should also be evaluating partners and vendors that can help you store and protect your data. What are your partners’ and vendors’ security capabilities? Who do they work with and how strong is their security? What are they doing to reassure you that your company’s data and information is safe?

Never Stop Learning – technology is changing fast. Seemingly overnight. That makes staying on top of the latest security trends, products and solutions ever more important. By implementing a fluid approach to security, one that is updated and changed as your organization’s needs evolve, you will always be prepared as possible for what’s to come.

Are you considering how IoT will impact your organization’s security? Get in touch with Markley Group’s team of security experts today; we’d be happy to discuss best practices for making sure your data is always safe. Shoot us an email at