Where Will IT be in the Next Five Years? Gartner Shares its 10 Key Predictions

By Chris Kenney | October 26, 2016

There was plenty of news to come out of the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo last week, but what the team here at Markley Group was most interested in was David Cappuccio’s predictions for the top ten trends that will shape IT over the next five years. While all of the trends will arguably impact the data center and influence how organizations approach data storage and IT management, there were three that stood out as being the most important to Markley’s business and customers:

Data Centers Are Disappearing – This may sound like doom-and-gloom, but Cappuccio made the distinction that workloads aren’t disappearing, they are instead moving off-premise to outsourced and cloud facilities. In fact, Cappuccio estimated that by 2020 only 20 percent of enterprise workloads will remain on-premises. With these hybrid models, organizations and IT teams can achieve greater agility and flexibility.

Data Center-as-a-Service – In today’s business world, data is one of the most critical components to an organization’s success. In the new age of data centers, they no longer function as simply a place to store unused data – they must meet and fulfill business needs, such as security, latency, continuity, performance, disaster recovery and more. Data center and cloud vendors must understand, at the end of the day, they are a service provider.

The Proliferation of IoT – Even though there are already billions of devices connected to the internet, as that number grows, so does the amount of data produced by those devices. Is your business infrastructure ready to support that? While most businesses already have the capabilities to support the expanding IoT data, Cappuccio makes it clear that planning for this influx will be critical in avoiding issues down the line.

At Markley Group, we have always aimed to provide the most advanced data storage and cloud services to our customers – and we believe that your data center should be more than just a place to store your data. Each and every provider you work with should operate as a true extension of your IT department, and help you to implement, scale and maintain a data storage strategy that meets your individual business goals.

What do you think are going to be the biggest IT trends in the next five years? What are the biggest data concerns your organization is facing?

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