Why Colocation is Changing the Future of IT

By Morgan Woodruff | July 5, 2016

The benefits of colocation are well known – and organizations are continually drawn to this model for an easier, cost effective data center solution. As such, colocation has been seeing tremendous growth in the market, which has been supported by numerous research reports. For example, according to IDC, by 2018, 65 percent of companies’ IT assets will be off-site in colocation, hosting and cloud data centers.

CIO recently featured an article discussing how the movement to colocation is accelerating, and the implications that it will have for enterprises and service providers. While setting up, running and managing your own data center can be costly, outsourcing to a colocation data center partner provides businesses with a space to set up their network, servers and storage. Colocation eliminates the upfront infrastructure capital costs for organizations, providing companies with the option to share space in a data center, including high-density infrastructure, redundant power and cooling options, customizable suite and cage designs and tailored security levels.

At Markley Group, we believe that just because you’re “sharing” space, doesn’t mean the services should be anything less than exceptional. Companies that choose colocation often have a wide-range of choices in networking and connectivity, which enables greater network diversity and a more cost-effective solution. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so we work with every customer individually to make sure each company has a storage and security solution that matches their exact needs.

We’re seeing more companies realize that colocation is the most efficient and customized way to optimize IT infrastructure. If you’re interested in making the leap, feel free to reach out to info@markleygroup.com to learn how Markley Group’s colocation services can help improve your organization.