Thinking about Cloud, IoT or Edge Computing in 2019? Consider Colocation

By Timothy Sherbak | January 7, 2019

As organizations start to map out priorities and budgets for 2019, it’s likely a few disruptive technologies will rise to the top for consideration, including the cloud, edge computing and IoT applications. Yes, these technologies are making enterprises more efficient and effective, but one thing is becoming clear – supporting these technologies while still achieving peak performance via private, on-premise data centers is increasingly challenging.

Enter colocation. According to a new survey by analyst firm, IHS Markit, the market for colocation services is expected to reach $25.5 billion by the end of 2018. As explained by FierceTelecom, the report says IT decision makers expect an average of 33% growth (as measured in racks) in total data center capacity from this year to next year. Fifty-eight percent of IT racks are expected to be placed in colocation data centers in 2019, up 9% from 2018. That breaks down to 37% of IT budgets being spent on colocation services.

That’s because colocation facilities – which provide hardware, networking infrastructure and maintenance – make it easier for enterprises to quickly deploy and scale cloud computing capabilities, support data-intensive IoT applications and services, and direct-connect to network providers and other enterprises. Further, colocation services can decrease operational costs because enterprises themselves aren’t responsible for buying, setting up and maintaining an entire data center independently.

At Markley Group, we understand the strategic IT and business benefits colocation can deliver. We understand the importance of being able to customize your suite and cage designs, the need for uninterruptible power and backup systems, including highly redundant cooling and UPS systems, and the benefit of being able to access vast connectivity resources with minimal or no capital costs. This understanding and approach to colocation has made us New England’s largest, most comprehensive multi-tenant, mission-critical data center and carrier hotel.

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