Summer Street Superheroes

By Samantha Litster | August 8, 2018

collage1-1It is no secret that Marvel’s Avengers movies do well in the box office; in fact, the latest movie, Avengers: Infinity War, just broke two billion in the global box office. However, Avengers: Infinity War is not the most recent Marvel movie to hit the big screen. Deadpool 2 will likely do just as well as the first Deadpool movie, which hit $783.1 million in the box office. Ant Man and the Wasp just hit theatres in the month of July. Much like everybody else, here at Markley, we can not get enough of these heroes, and the new mural at One Summer Street proves it.

Boston-based artist Percy Fortini-Wright is the man behind the incredible superhero mural located on the 5th floor of Markley’s headquarters, guarding the entrance to the new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) machines. Fortini-Wright is known for his unique style combining graffiti and classic art techniques. He has created art in the One Summer Street building before, painting three large black and white portraits of Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla and Alan Turing, as well as graffiti art on the third floor of the building.

This six-wall mural features five painted superheroes including Spiderman, Deadpool, Ironman and other Marvel favorites. These superheroes are not just for show; they mark the entrance to the recent expansion of our UPS facilities. Markley is upgrading its current UPS from 4.4 megawatts to 6.6 megawatts to support future client load. To put it in perspective, 6.6 megawatts is enough electricity to power about 5,000 homes.

Much like the superheroes outside of the room, the UPS serves an incredibly important service, protecting our clients’ equipment from power anomalies, as well as providing backup power in the event of a power failure to allow enough time to start up our massive power generators. With great clients and services comes great responsibility, and we makes sure to exceed expectations and protect clients’ interests at all costs. The UPS system is just one way Markley protects our customers’ mission-critical IT operations.