Eliminating IT Outages with Markley

By James Feasey | October 31, 2017

We’ve all heard the modern refrain: “Every company is a technology company.” And IT outages that stop businesses are one of the strongest proof points to that argument. Take the latest airline IT outage – this time impacting Canada-based airline WestJet – when network downtime delayed dozens of flights and stranded travelers for hours. Airlines are just one example of how companies that have never been considered “technology” companies need to operate as if they are, working to achieve the necessary always-on and always-available mindset.

This is exactly why uptime should be a top concern when selecting your cloud or data center provider. This means taking the time to ask hard questions around outage history (if any), plans to keep running if an outage occurs, redundancy and disaster recovery strategies, response time when a problem does occur, and more. And it shouldn’t simply be on the customer to demand 100 percent uptime, service providers should guarantee it.

At Markley, we understand that IT outages shouldn’t happen – and they certainly shouldn’t stop business if they do. We work 24/7, 365 days a year to keep our customers up and running, while also providing room for them to grow and expand as they need. Connect with a Markley expert today to learn how our colocation and cloud services deliver “always on” reliability for mission critical applications.