Load Balancers

Scalability and Reliability

Modern websites require more reliability than a single server can provide. Sometimes you need the performance of multiple geographic locations, and you always need the ability to do maintenance on one server while another handles customer traffic.

These are the exact problems load balancers are designed to solve.

Markley supports you with advance load balancing capabilities, from simple round-robin web serving to advanced L4-L7 proxy configurations. Find out how we can make your website more performant and reliable with just a few clicks.

Increase your performance and reliability with load balancers

Whether you simply have too many requests for a single virtual machine, or you want to send traffic intelligently to multiple VMs in multiple geographic regions, our load balancers can help, while simultaneously increasing your uptime and performance.

Markley offers application-aware hardware load balancers with built-in performance tuning. Protect, load balance, and support availability for critical web and DNS infrastructure with DNS and web application firewalls. Optimize traffic steering to value-added services in mobile networks to improve service reliability.

Extend load balancing on a global basis to enable worldwide business continuity with faster, localized server responses

Complete full-proxy L4-7 load balancing with server health checks

Perfect Forward Secrecy with a full cipher suite, including Elliptic Curve, provide SSL offload at the industry’s highest levels

Caching, compression and TCP reuse combine to expedite content transfer for enhanced app performance

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