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Scalable, Secure Resources Dedicated to You

Work with Markley HPC experts to architect a fully balanced High Performance Computing (HPC) environment uniquely tailored to your needs. Markley HPC as a Service (HPCaaS) is a bespoke service, unique in the industry for providing you with a secure, single-tenant, scalable infrastructure.

As the sole tenant of your Markley HPC as a Service, only you can reach your systems, your data, and your workloads!

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HPC as a Service without the Security & Data Sovereignty Headaches

Decades of experience delivering world-class data center infrastructure provide Markley key insights in delivering secure, scalable infrastructure on time and on budget in a highly competitive marketplace.

Satisfy your most stringent compliance and audit processes with fully dedicated HPC systems housed in our world-class, mission-critical data center, delivered as a service by Markley.

State of the Art
HPC Architecture

Custom Designed for Your Purpose

Dedicated Single-Tenant Access

Bare Metal Performance

Secure, Reliable Connectivity from 100+ Global Carriers

The Markley Network, our ecosystem of over 100 global carriers, becomes your competitive advantage when accessing your dedicated Markley HPC services. Cross-connect to your own private network, collaborating institutes and organizations, and global public cloud systems as needed. A variety of network services are available, rightsized to the networking capacity you need.

Optimized Specifically for You & Your Pipelines

Rely on Markley HPC experts and our consultative approach to design your systems and services right.

Full-service monitoring, a wide range of capability, and scalable expansion are all available through our simple licensing terms.

Grow as you need, scale as you need with HIPAA-compliant security methods that handle your most sophisticated and data-sensitive environments.

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The right system at the right time & size

With pay as you go pricing, scale your capability as and when you need it.

Application delivery with one click

Our "one touch launch" of containerized applications and algorithms are ready to run, optimized for your dedicated infrastructure.

Bare metal performance

Run your jobs without virtualization overhead or VM startup costs for lower cost and greater efficiency.

Scalable, high-performance architectures

High speed, low latency InfiniBand networks tightly couple processors and storage.

Best in class, state of the art processing

State of the art CPU/GPU, parallel storage systems, and advanced software environments to optimize your pipelines.

Fully integrated with the Markley ecosystem

Easy access to Markley colocation, cloud and connectivity solutions and managed services.


Chris Dwan | Research Computing Architect | dwan.org

“The shortest path to breakthroughs in medicine is to put the very best technologies in the hands of the researchers, on their own schedule. Combining the strengths of Cray and Markley into supercomputing-as-a-service does exactly that.”


Single Tenancy, Secure HPC as a Service Tailored to You & Your Workloads

Experienced HPC & data
center leadership

Rock-solid reliability in our hardened facility

ISO27001, SOC 1 & 2

24x7x365 operational
support & security


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