The Cloud & The CIO

By Chris Kenney | May 2, 2017

While the cloud started off as a vision, it is now an accepted part of everyday business life, being turned to for an enterprise’s most critical, high-value operations. The cloud has certainly had a major impact across organizations, most notably influencing and evolving the role of today’s CIO.

ZDNet dove into the relationship between the cloud and the new CIO, leveraging data from IDC’s State of the CIO 2017 Report. The article looks at how cloud services will continue to play a large part in making the CIO more efficient, allowing CIOs to finally shift into a more strategic role. With the help of the cloud, CIOs are no longer just the order takers and implementers, they are now the strategists and business enablers. This evolving role will allow today’s CIOs to focus on converting cloud services into strategic assets that can be leveraged by the organization.

IDC’s State of the CIO 2017 Report had some interesting findings regarding the role of today’s CIOs, including the following:

CIOs still perform the delicate balancing act between crafting technology strategy and driving business innovation while overseeing routine IT functional tasks such as cost control, vendor negotiation, crisis management and operational improvements.

CIOs anticipate spending far less time on functional matters as they transition towards becoming enablers of transformation and adopting more strategic roles.

There is mutual respect between heads of IT and line of business leaders, however, it is clear that CIOs must convey their contributions better, as line of business leaders are not quite sure the exact role IT plays in new business initiatives.

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