It’s Not Too Late to Celebrate World Backup Day!

By Paul Andrews | April 19, 2016

As you may have seen, World Backup Day was celebrated on March 31st. It’s a worldwide awareness campaign meant to remind people – from the single user who just has lots of photos on his computer, to the IT manager who has his company’s critical information and applications stored digitally – that they need to take steps to regularly back up said data and information.

Did you backup your files that day? No? Well, what you might not know is that data loss is very common; in fact, according to the folks at World Backup Day:

30 percent of people have never backed up;

113 phones are lost or stolen every minute;

29 percent of disasters are caused by accident;

And 1 in 10 computers are infected with viruses each month.

But don’t worry – if you missed world backup day you still have the opportunity to do the right thing and backup right now.

Regardless of what it is you have saved, you have to remember that anything stored digitally could be lost just as easily. Your data is irreplaceable and, for a company, essential to its ongoing and successful operations.

It is critical that you make sure your organization has a strong backup and storage plan in place. Companies should not assume they can do this all by themselves – especially when there is much more to protect than a few photos. To be successful, there are several variables that need to be accounted for as a part of your backup and storage solution. Can your storage solution handle your future growth? Do you have immediate access to the data you need in case of a disaster? Can you guarantee uptime? What happens if there is an outage – and how soon can you be back up and running?

Finding a partner that can answer these questions is important. Your partner needs to be able to provide your company’s critical information when you need it, no matter where you are. If they hesitate at all – or start to add qualifiers about not being up 100 percent of the time – then they’re probably not the partner for you.

Here at Markley Group, we pride ourselves on being able to be that partner you need. Our storage and backup solutions can help you ensure that your company doesn’t end up experiencing any downtime or data loss. We’re built to grow with you too – with plenty of space and bandwidth to ensure that your critical information is both protected and available to you, all the time.

In fact, late last year we announced a backup-as-a-service solution to help organizations in this very situation. Our solution is dynamic and reliable, leveraging UbiStor’s on-demand backup-as-a-service solution, powered by Commvault’s software. It delivers significant cost savings to customers by only requiring that they purchase the system-level protection they need, rather than the entire underlying platform. Commvault software is built to cost-effectively protect, manage and access data in a simple, flexible and modular way. With this solution, Markley Group provides backup agents at the server level, storage targets for these systems and a fully integrated managed service.

To learn more about how our backup services can support your company’s needs and make sure you always have access to your company’s critical data and information when you need it, contact us here: