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While many of the wrinkles of the early remote work days have been ironed out, the pandemic has pushed businesses to rethink their infrastructure strategies completely. In addition to the downfalls of private, on-premise infrastructure, the challenges of cloud-only environments have also been widely observed. Instead, in an effort to find solutions that will support businesses regardless of the world landscape, organizations have started to evaluate options that ensure their infrastructure is always within reach, while successfully meeting the needs of the company.
One of the most common questions I get asked is something along the lines of, ‘how do we architect our network?’ Customers want to know what kind of devices they need in their network, what capabilities and speeds they should support, how do they ensure redundancy. It’s a loaded question, and my initial answer is always the same: it depends. It’s a great conversation starter, and one of the most interesting and enjoyable parts of my work.
Markley Group, a premier provider of mission-critical data center facilities, cloud computing, and network services, today announced it has entered a community solar power purchase agreement (PPA) advised by Atlas Retail Energy, with Borrego, a leading developer, EPC and O&M provider for large-scale renewable energy projects throughout the United States.
As people continue to embrace working from home, the demand for working internet, higher bandwidth, and reliable data center and edge facilities has never been greater. Simply put, companies can’t afford for their infrastructure to fail, which is why uptime should be a top concern when selecting your data center colocation provider.