In Disaster Recovery Strategy, Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

By Timothy Sherbak | September 6, 2018

An unfortunate truth of life is that disasters are bound to happen; preventing them all together is simply impossible. The same can be said in business, especially in the current landscape where organizations are reinventing themselves through ongoing digital transformation, frequently automating pre-existing processes and implementing unfamiliar tools in their IT environment.

What is most important to succeeding in life and business is properly preparing for these inevitabilities, so that setbacks are only temporary. However, a recent IDC survey of 500 senior-level IT and business managers tells us that today’s organizations are still coming up short in their disaster recovery preparation efforts.

Even though half of the survey’s respondents view IT resilience as a key factor in the success of their digital transformation, few feel their recovery strategy is optimized. Furthermore, IDC estimates that half of the organizations surveyed would not survive a disruptive, disastrous event because cost, time and training have hamstrung the establishment of proper data management and disaster recovery procedures.

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