Hybrid Cloud: Your Secret Weapon For An Optimal IT Strategy

By Timothy Sherbak | April 23, 2019

It’s no surprise -- hybrid cloud plays a major role in many companies' computing strategies.

A study earlier this year found that about 84 percent of businesses are using a multi-cloud strategy, and another recent study from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found that 81 percent of IaaS users have more than one cloud service provider.

Hybrid cloud is often viewed as the new normal, and this week, TechTarget featured a great read from ESG sharing the benefits of a hybrid cloud-first strategy. With so many public cloud choices, more and more companies are shifting toward the hybrid-first model due to the fact that it equally considers both public cloud and on-premises prior to the deployment of workloads. Success with this model is dependent on collaboration between on-premises and public cloud, and the article does a nice job emphasizing the importance of building a repeatable model for workload deployments.

Hybrid-cloud strategies allow organizations to capitalize on public cloud provider’s strengths, to build a custom cloud computing strategy that best aligns with the organization’s needs. The best part? Hybrid-cloud doesn’t require businesses to overspend on infrastructure equipment, but rather simplifies the process, utilizing only the resources and costs needed to fit bandwidth, capacity and budget requirements.

Here at Markley, we’ve seen this approach gaining a lot of momentum for organizations looking to safeguard sensitive information, control cloud costs and ensure data is always available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more about how Markley’s cloud services can help you improve your organization, please contact us at info@markleygroup.com.