Does the Network Own Hybrid Cloud?

By Paul Andrews | September 5, 2014

The hybrid cloud and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a beautiful thing and chock full of compromise. Companies have moved away from the idea that they have to choose (and marry their data to) a specific private cloud or public cloud offering. Hybrid systems (colocation/private cloud + public cloud) grant the flexibility needed to take on the cloud on their own terms and mix-and-match to achieve the right fit.

A recent article in InformationWeek discusses mixing and matching to the fullest – “to separate data from applications, even to allow multiple applications to run from multiple cloud provider sites” versus an on premise data center. Latency and security issues have always been a scare here, but one factor can reassure its biggest critics: high-speed, non-stop network connectivity.

Companies and services such as Markley Group and Markley Cloud Services offer the technology and options that make more sense fiscally and from a security perspective than the public cloud. As the article states, “One contributing factor is the ability to get cost-effective, high-speed network connections from cloud provider sites to data centers, of sufficient quality to minimize latency and guarantee appropriate performance. In addition to services offered directly by hosting vendors, colocation companies are jumping into the fray to offer high-speed connections between their colo data centers, as well as from these locations directly to some cloud provider sites.”

At Markley Group, we’ve gone a step further and connected our state of the art data center, with our incredible network connectivity (we are New England’s highest-density network zone—at the intersection of all major fiber routes in the region), and created an ideal enterprise-class IaaS solution that maximizes IT performance, reduces upfront capital expenses, and increases speed to market.

Markley Cloud Services offers the most reliable, low latency, high performance internet connectivity via its Non-Stop Network™ platform consisting of a powerful multi-homed blend of Tier-1 internet backbone providers such as Comcast, RCN, AboveNet and Level3, to name a few. MCS customers may also seamlessly integrate with compute and storage resources housed in dedicated colocation cabinets, cages and suites through private fiber optic connections (via virtual cross connects), making MCS a simple, secure extension of their LAN.

If you’d like to learn more about what mix-and-match of the cloud is best for you and your business, please reach out to our cloud team as we are happy to walk through options with you: contact or visit