Data Center Complexities – What to Know Before you Start your Own Build

By Timothy Sherbak | April 8, 2019

When it comes to core data center infrastructure, at some point every organization faces the same question, “To build or not to build?” In addition to considering your specific business needs (present and future) and existing facilities, organizations should also consider the following before investing in a new data center build:

Upfront and long-term costs: Data centers are expensive to build, given the cost of construction, staff, and new technology. But what most organizations don’t consider are the long-term costs of building your own data center. Sure, you’ll need to spend significant capital upfront, but ongoing costs – maintenance, testing, and general upkeep – are what tends to put a custom build-out of the reach of most organizations.

IT staffing needs: To properly complete ongoing facility maintenance and testing on a monthly or quarterly basis, you’ll need trained professionals on staff. This means you may end up employing more IT personnel than originally anticipated to ensure you can meet daily and monthly needs on an ongoing basis.

Keeping technology up-to-date: The speed of technology innovation only continues to increase, meaning the technology you bought for your data center today will need to be replaced as legacy technology is brought to end-of-life. In order to service your employees and business needs, your technology needs to be regularly checked to ensure it’s as efficient as possible.

Understandably, building a new generation data center isn’t for everyone. That’s where colocation comes in. Colocation can match and exceed your IT and business requirements without the significant upfront and long-term capital costs.

At Markley, we enable organizations to house their IT infrastructure via customizable suite and cage designs and protect it with state-of-the-art, uninterruptible power and cooling systems. Our facilities also support high-density applications, dark fiber connectivity, and tailored security levels.

Markley understands that if you’re going to put your mission-critical infrastructure in a data center – either within the confines of your own facility or in a colocation facility – it’s because you expect it to be available 24/7/365. Talk to our team of experts today to learn about Markley’s “always-on” colocation reliability: