Announcing Supercomputing in the Cloud!

By Paul Andrews | May 17, 2017

As you may have seen, on Tuesday morning we here at Markley made a major announcement: we launched our new supercomputing-as-a-service solution in partnership with the world’s leading supercomputing company, Cray. You can read all about it here.

This is a very exciting time for us, as we’re now the only company in the world that hosts a supercomputing-as-a-service solution.

But why is this so important? How can this offering benefit me?

Each and every industry – from life sciences to manufacturing, aerospace to government, banking to advertising and more – has become more reliant on capturing and analyzing data. Acquiring, managing, analyzing and storing data have become regular responsibilities of IT managers at companies worldwide. All industries are looking to data to help them conduct research faster, improve their offerings and gain a competitive edge.

But in order to successfully utilize the insights that data can give you, you need to be able to analyze it. That takes computing power. The increase in amounts and types of data collected also means that computing needs will increase exponentially.

Supercomputers are the answer – but many companies simply would be unable to justify the time and expense of purchasing and running their own.

Now, by combining our reliable and secure cloud computing capabilities with Cray’s world-renowned supercomputer excellence, we can provide this computing power to customers in a more affordable way where you pay for what you need to use, instead of purchasing an entire supercomputer.

Supercomputing in the cloud means more affordable computing power for research scientists, data scientists and IT executives – giving them the dedicated access, powerful computing and analytic capabilities that can shorten research cycles, improve discoveries and enhance decision-making.

To learn more about how Markley’s first-in-the world supercomputing-as-a-service solution can help improve the speed with which your organization operates, please visit our website here, or contact us any time at