Experience Enterprise-Grade Speed, Reliability and Security with Markley Network Fabric

By Adam Burnham | February 3, 2021

IT managers faced unprecedented challenges as a result of the pandemic. As dispersed workforces continued to grow, employees needed to have access to data and applications from anywhere. As we kick off the New Year, it’s apparent the need for efficient workload transport speed and reliability isn’t going anywhere. Our clients needed an enterprise-grade solution that enabled fault tolerant workloads and delivered direct connectivity across redundant and diverse paths to support the shifting work paradigm. 

Our solution? Markley Network Fabric.

The Markley Network Fabric delivers direct access to every major cloud provider, the Boston Internet Exchange, and direct Internet access that peers with no less than four distinct providers. Our clients experience carrier-grade switched connectivity directly to the home regions of multiple cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and dozens more. Speeds of 1G, 10G, and 100G are provisioned as a pair by default to ensure the fastest and most reliable workload transport possible.

With organizations looking to optimize their technology spend, the Markley Network Fabric saves tens of thousands of dollars per month by offering redundancy by default, consolidating cloud provider access and allowing users to pay for the connectivity services they need. We’ve established a standard where clients are given two physical connections on physically diverse endpoints at no additional cost – which enables and assures fault tolerance against device and link failures. The Markley Network Fabric delivers all cloud provider services over the same redundant pair, consolidating access and eliminating the need to adjust unique ports for distinct providers.  

On-ramp security has become an essential component of cloud adoption for businesses both large and small. As such, we’re thrilled to partner with Technium to optionally provide all Markley Network Fabric customers with security services that leverage automation to proactively monitor and manage the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data. We offer this as a managed service by utilizing SAARC, Technium’s proprietary monitoring, management and vulnerability tool, that operates as a virtual machine within the Markley Network Fabric environment. Customers are also afforded the opportunity to own and manage their own security services through the Technium Network & Security Operations Center on the Markley cloud.

“Technium is proud to be partnering with the Markley Group on a transformative solution for secure cloud access in the Northeast,” said Michael Joseph, CTO and Co-Founder, Technium. “With the region ranked as the No. 1 biotech location in the world – and cloud-based infrastructure becoming the norm for companies of all sizes – a flexible and secure cloud on-ramp service is critical.”

Organizational IT strategies and processes will continue to evolve in the coming months as companies navigate the new normal. At Markley, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge solutions that enable our clients to adapt to the changing industry. We’ve been at the forefront with concepts such as the carrier hotel, developing one of the world’s largest data center portfolios, launching cloud and network services, and now the Markley Network Fabric.

To learn how Markley can help support the needs of your dispersed workforce, send us a quick note.

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