A One-Stop Solution

Protecting clients’ valuable proprietary information is Markley’s top priority.

To ensure sensitive data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, Markley’s comprehensive data destruction services render all sensitive media unusable and properly destroyed, and adhere to all client specific regulations and requirements. Our recycling services keep electronic waste out of landfills, making us a one-stop solution for an efficient and responsible “end of life” digital media strategy.

Key services:

  • Hard drive, magnetic tape and flash memory storage destruction
    • Secure degaussing
    • Ameri-Shred 300HD physical shredding
    • Securely recycled refuse
    • Complete chain of custody
  • Larger equipment, such as servers and storage arrays, may also be recycled.
  • All services provided at no cost to clients.

Items we recycle include:

  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Mice/Trackballs
  • Servers/Server Rack
  • Circuit Boards
  • Printers/Scanners
  • Peripherals
  • Network Equipment
  • Copiers/All in ones
  • Telephone Systems
  • Tape Cartridges
  • UPS Batteries


To schedule an appointment for media destruction or equipment recycling, please visit the Markley Colo Support Self-Service Portal.