Healthcare and Life Science Organizations Reach for the Clouds

By Morgan Woodruff | August 30, 2017

Cloud continues to proliferate across a wide range of industries, and over the past couple years, healthcare and life science organizations have been leading the charge. As more organizations across the healthcare space move away from paper records, the cloud offers significant benefits – from data protection to business continuity.

Beyond that, many of these organizations are creating vast amounts of data, that not only have to be stored in compliance with regulations like HIPAA, but also have to be readily accessible and analyzed. This power can only come from the cloud.

Here’s what Markley sees as the top benefits cloud delivers to healthcare and life science organizations:

Increased reliability and business continuity – the amount of data that is produced by healthcare and life science organizations is enormous, from client records to advanced analytics, like that required in genometrics. With the cloud – whether it’s an on-premise private cloud or a hybrid strategy – organizations can rapidly access and utilize data whenever it’s needed.

Disaster recovery and improved security – many organizations worry the cloud introduces security risks into the network. For healthcare and life science organizations, keeping data private is of the utmost importance. With the cloud, organizations can easily back up data, whether it’s to meet compliance standards or for disaster recovery purposes. This means organizations can quickly recover in case of an emergency, such as a cyberattack or a natural disaster.

Creating next-generation organizations – data is power, but without the computing capabilities to properly analyze that data, organizations will never be able to really innovate. With the cloud, healthcare and life science organizations now have access to the powerful compute and analytic capabilities of supercomputers that were out of reach before.

At Markley, we understand the importance of being able to effectively store and access data, as well as being able to analyze the complex data sets most often seen at healthcare and life science organizations. To meet this need, we recently partnered with Cray to provide supercomputing-as-a-service solutions. This hosted offering combines the power of Cray supercomputers with the premier hosting capabilities of Markley, meaning organizations can reap significant benefits – economically and operationally.

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