Today’s Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Disaster Recovery

By Timothy Sherbak | May 1, 2019

The old saying “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” has never been more applicable to the state of enterprise IT. Across industries, data breaches have become so persistent that data breach fatigue is part of every IT professional’s vocabulary. Pair that with the complexity of modern networks causing outages and unplanned downtime on a regular basis, and it's safer to assume when, not if, in dealing with disaster.

As disaster becomes more commonplace, the number of disaster recovery services and technologies continues to grow. The cloud-first movement has been upon us for over a decade and as more organizations turn to the cloud to store and safeguard critical information, they’re taking advantage of additional cloud services that enable cost reduction and improved operational efficiency. One of the most popular and effective cloud services gaining in popularity in recent years is cloud disaster recovery.

A recent article in Enterprise Storage explores how a cloud disaster recovery strategy can provide speed and cost advantages over traditional disaster recovery approaches. With this particular backup and storage strategy, it applies not only to data, but also entire virtual machines, servers, and corporate networks.

Of the many benefits accompanying cloud disaster recovery, access to a range of affordable options tops the list. Opposed to simply backing data up from a data center to tape, organizations employing a cloud-based strategy can enjoy the flexibility of backing up to the cloud a complete copy of the production site, all while minimizing upfront and ongoing capital costs.

Here at Markley, we understand that business can’t stop when disaster strikes, and neither should your cloud resources. With the Markley Cloud, customers have the capability of backing up data and/or replicating their production site to our cloud environment, regardless of its location, whether that is from their on-prem data center, Markley Cloud IaaS environment, Markley co-located data center or even other public clouds.

We partner with leading backup and disaster recovery software technology partners such as Veeam and Zerto to provide robust, scalable, and featureful data protection options for any customer need. One of our simplest solutions leverages the Markley Cloud as a backup destination for your in-house data center, wherever it is, using Veeam Cloud Connect. If you are a Veeam customer already, this feature is likely immediately available to you in your Veeam console.

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