AI in Healthcare: Join Markley and NVIDIA for a meet@Markley Executive Forum

By Timothy Sherbak | July 9, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools, techniques and technologies are being applied today across the healthcare, life sciences and bio-pharma industries, and are revolutionizing clinical approaches, medical imaging and drug discovery.

Join Markley and NVIDIA on Wednesday July 25 from 3pm to 7pm, alongside local healthcare organizations and experts, to discuss how to apply deep learning in clinical settings, share ways to use your data to build intelligent tools that aid physicians and review best practices for getting started on new AI projects.

Event speakers include:

Dr. Mark Michalski, Exec. Director of MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science Prashant Natarajan Iyer, HIMSS Chairperson and Sr. Director, AI Applications Healthcare and Life Sciences at

Dr. Steve Litster, Markley CTO, HPC and Data Analytics Platforms

Event attendees will receive a free copy of Prashant’s book, Demystifying Big Data and Machine Learning for Healthcare. For a complete agenda, click here!

Register today! We’re looking forward to seeing you at One Summer Street on July 25.