What Does 2017 Hold for the Cloud?

By Paul Andrews | November 16, 2016

Are you ready for the next wave of cloud computing? One of the more intriguing 2017 predictions we’ve seen so far is around the idea that cloud computing will take yet another step forward for enterprises next year, as more and more companies seek to use the cloud to become more efficient and scale their operations better – all in the name of better providing services for their customers.

So far, we’ve seen Gartner and IDC share their predictions on the cloud in recent months – but let’s take a look at what the other of the “big three” industry analyst firms – Forrester – has to say. In a recent CIO article, Forrester says that 2017 will see cloud acceleration, as “…enterprises with big budgets, data centers and complex applications are now looking at cloud as a viable place to run core business applications.” Their research also found that some 59 percent of respondents are planning on adopting a hybrid cloud model.

Some other interesting predictions from the report include:

Regional players to complement ’mega cloud providers’ – “The global public cloud market will top $146 billion in 2017, up from $87 billion in 2015 and growing at a 22 percent compound annual growth rate” says the report. While it’s true that most of the growth may come from the big players, Forrester calls out the fact that these large, mostly standardized cloud offerings simply “…won’t be able to service every unique request.” This means that other players, such as Markley Cloud Services, could see additional interest as companies that need custom offerings and don’t want to overpay for standardized cloud offerings (that they don’t need) either end up turning elsewhere or working with multiple providers.

Cloud cost containment – In 2017, companies will be looking for ways to contain their cloud costs. There will be tighter observation of what you’re paying for – and whether you need all of it. The ability to turn on or off cloud usage will be an important feature – something we here at Markley Group were out ahead of.

Enterprise apps come to public cloud – Companies across the globe are simply much more comfortable running enterprise-level and critical apps in the cloud than they ever have been before. No matter how critical the application is, companies are understanding the cost, efficiency and security benefits of letting a provider’s strong infrastructure and best practices handle it for them.

At the Markley Group we understand the ways that the cloud can improve accessibility by employees, cut costs by eliminating costly infrastructure and services and make your organization more efficient. We believe that, as Forrester indicates in its predictions, the large players’ offerings assume that the cloud is one-size-fits-all – and that simply isn’t reality for today’s businesses.

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