Hybrid Cloud: Have You Made The Commitment?

By Jeff Flanagan | March 28, 2016

We’ve talked a lot in the past year about the hybrid cloud, and how organizations have been drawn to this model for an easier and more manageable cloud deployment. Hybrid cloud has been seeing tremendous growth in the market, which has been supported by numerous research reports. MarketsandMarkets‎ found hybrid cloud was growing at a compound rate of 27 percent, more than the overall growth of the IT market, and Gartner’s “Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing 2015” report predicted that hybrid cloud could only be a few years out from mainstream adoption.

The hybrid cloud structure is perfect for today’s businesses, as it allows companies to do more with less, stretching the budget and using every dime as efficiently as possible. Today’s IT departments understand there’s no reason to over-spend on IT infrastructure – instead, it is best to use the team’s time and knowledge to expand the company’s offerings or improve its products.

Here at Markley Group, we’ve seen the hybrid cloud model become the method of choice for IT departments looking to cloud-enable their businesses. But while many business leaders are highly considering hybrid cloud – not everyone has actually pulled the trigger and opened up their checkbooks. Beyond cost savings, there are even more benefits to keep in mind when convincing your organization to make the commitment:

Easy expansion – the hybrid cloud allows your company to add what it needs, when it needs it; or to pull back in leaner times when as much capacity isn’t necessary.

Accessibility – with the cloud, your company’s critical data, apps and information can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Protection – with cloud storage, your critical information is protected and backed up. If something happens to your on-site operations, such as a natural disaster that impacts your own equipment and hardware, you still have your information saved in the cloud and can quickly get your data back.

We’re seeing more and more companies realize that hybrid cloud solutions are the most efficient and customized way to optimize IT infrastructure. If you’re interested in making the leap, feel free to reach out to info@markleygroup.com to learn how Markley Group’s hybrid cloud services can help you improve your organization.