High Density Colocation

AI, ML, GPU, High Density Deployments

AI Fueling Big Data Growth

Markley offers high-density colocation services designed to empower enterprises with unmatched performance, security, and scalability. We have provided leading medical research organizations, major universities, and enterprise companies with high-density solutions for over a decade and continue supporting their evolving needs for GPUs, blockchain and AI/ML initiatives. Our high-density colocation environment offers the cutting-edge combination of high-power availability and redundant cooling required for GPU-accelerated workloads.

Industry Leading Infrastructure

Facilities equipped with the latest technology to ensure reliability and performance at its best

Whitespace designed for high-density applications including GPUs

Infrastructure designed for high-performance computing (direct-to-chip/liquid cooling)

Computational dynamics (CFD) modeling for suite optimization


Christopher Bouton | CEO | Vyasa

"By partnering with Markley, we’re able to house our deep-learning infrastructure and expand our performance capabilities for our clients, beyond what was possible before. Markley has built a terrific team of professionals that is highly specialized in the life sciences and pharma spaces making them the perfect fit for Vyasa."

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Markley High Density Colocation

Purpose built for large scale; GPU, artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads.

Rack Density Achieve maximum efficiency with high rack and cabinet densities. Rack densities of up to 120kW available.
Power and Cooling With our robust power and cooling systems, we ensure your high-density equipment operates at optimal efficiency.
Redundancy Highly redundant cooling and 2N power configuration to ensure uptime.
Superior Connectivity We provide direct access to 100+ network providers, AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure and GCP Interconnect, ensuring low-latency, diverse, high-speed connectivity and the ability to create a true hybrid environment for your AI workloads.
Unparalelled Security We take data security seriously. Our facilities are guarded 24/7 and incorporate multiple layers of physical and digital security measures.
Scalability We understand your business can grow rapidly. Our high-density colocation solutions are designed to accommodate your evolving needs seamlessly.
Remote Hands Our expert technicians are ready to assist with remote hands services whenever needed, 24/7.
24/7 Support Our facilities are staffed 24/7 with electricians, HVAC and telco techs to respond to any alarms or issues.
Monitoring and Reporting Real-time monitoring and reporting tools keep you in control of your infrastructure.

Solutions for Every Need

Markley is redefining what is possible for high-performance computing. Work directly with Markley experts to design, develop, and maintain the complex infrastructure (including power and cooling) necessary to leverage AI capabilities.

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