Large Scale and On-Demand

Industry-leading organizations require large-scale computing power to conduct groundbreaking research and address complex business issues.

Markley’s High Density Colocation environment offers a powerful combination of extremely high power availability along with robust and redundant cooling. Unlike most colocation facilities, clients do not have to purchase extra space to power a single high-density cabinet.

A range of prestigious research and financial institutions have already taken advantage of One Summer Street’s high performance computing environments.


Key Features

  • In-Row Cooling to support most high density requirements
  • N+5 cooling through One Summer Street’s master chilled water loop
  • High density suites
  • High speed collaboration and file sharing through the Boston Internet Exchange (BOSIX)

Additional advanced technologies include:

  • Rear door heat exchangers
  • Liquid cooled cabinets
  • Immersion cooling
“By partnering with Markley, we’re able to house our deep-learning infrastructure and expand our performance capabilities for our clients, beyond what was possible before.  Markley has built a terrific team of professionals that is highly specialized in the life sciences and pharma spaces making them the perfect fit for Vyasa.”  Learn more...
Christopher Bouton, founder and CEO, Vyasa