High Density Colocation

Large Scale and On-Demand

Industry-leading organizations require large-scale computing power to conduct groundbreaking research and address complex business issues.

Markley’s High Density Colocation environment offers a powerful combination of extremely high power availability along with robust and redundant cooling. Unlike most colocation facilities, clients can increase cabinet densities without increasing their data center footprint.

Markley has been providing leading medical research organizations, major universities and enterprise companies with high density solutions for over a decade and continues to support their evolving needs for GPU's, blockchain and machine learning initiatives.

Key Features

In-row cooling to support most high density requirements

Redundant cooling through One Summer Street’s master chilled water loop

High density suites

Designed for 500WPSF/55kW per cabinet

High speed collaboration and file sharing through the Boston Internet Exchange

2N electrical infrastructure

Custom design and build available

markley colocation

Christopher Bouton | CEO | Vyasa

"By partnering with Markley, we’re able to house our deep-learning infrastructure and expand our performance capabilities for our clients, beyond what was possible before. Markley has built a terrific team of professionals that is highly specialized in the life sciences and pharma spaces making them the perfect fit for Vyasa."

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