Maintaining Control of Your Data

By Adam Burnham | January 23, 2017

It’s that time of year again, when the cold, winter season is upon us. During the winter months, many employees step away from work obligations to escape to warmer weather or ski-getaways with family and friends. With winter in full-swing, it’s important for organizations to prepare for when staff will be out of the office or working remotely – as you never know when something will occur at the office – such as a power outage – leaving the remaining skeleton crew to scramble and ensure problems can get resolved.

So before your IT team heads out for winter getaways, consider adopting a new set of best practices to make sure 2017 goes off without a (data) hitch. The best way to do this is to create a checklist with IT teams to ensure everything’s accounted for, updated and in the proper order before employees – at any level – leave the office for vacations. In today’s world, data and information is the heartbeat of an organization’s entire business – by ensuring storage, backup and recovery strategies and protocols are clearly defined, you can better protect your data assets and maintain business continuity. Be sure to consider – what is your data and information recovery process in the event of a disaster? How do your service provides prepare for reduced holiday staff? Who should be contacted first – internally and externally – if systems go offline?

Here at Markley Group, we work with organizations to individually tailor storage, backup and recovery strategies and make sure you have always-on, always-available access to your critical data and information. We understand that the IT department is busy enough during the winter, helping employees remain connected and productive while out of the office or stuck at home, and don’t need the added stress of monitoring the network connection or data security.

Our storage and backup solutions can ensure your company doesn’t end up experiencing any downtime or data loss. We’re built to scale with you – with plenty of space and bandwidth to ensure that your critical information is both protected and available to you, all the time. To learn more about how Markley’s storage, backup and recovery services can support your company’s needs and make sure you have access to your company’s critical data and information whenever you need, please reach out to us at