Cloud Archiving: Using the Cloud to Extend On-Premise Storage

By Jeff Flanagan | May 16, 2018

Storage, in general, is often an afterthought for far too many companies. Even today, IT managers don’t always understand the criticality of their data, both in terms of what data is actively used, and what data, though dormant, is still critical for compliance and other long term uses – and mistakenly assume that all of their company’s storage, backup and recovery needs are being properly met. By auditing your storage needs yourself, or with the help of an expert third party, you can better architect a data management strategy specifically designed for your data and your organization.

In today’s business climate it is imperative that companies understand their data and information is their business. If their networks or systems go down and data is lost, their business risks revenue loss, fines for non-compliance, and public relations disasters. Because of this, establishing a proper data storage, backup and recovery procedure has never been more important.

So how can companies store infinite amounts of both structured and unstructured data – and have easy and quick access to that stored data? The answer: cloud archiving.

Here are a few key reasons why cloud archiving can improve for companies of all sizes and industries:

Performance: The cloud allows companies to continually maintain and build on current performance levels by scaling to multiple petabytes in minutes and at a much lower price point. Additionally, updates and data backups can be completed behind the scenes.

Flexibility: Cloud services can increase and decrease if/when necessary, meaning companies can easily and quickly scale their infrastructure, unlike in a pure on-premise setup that requires purchasing additional hardware and completing lengthy configuration processes.

Cost: With less required hardware, software and internal maintenance needed, cloud archiving offers a relatively low cost of entry. By allowing companies to only purchase the systems and levels of protection they truly need, significant IT savings can be realized.

Take a careful look at your data storage plan – does it have the ability to continually support and scale alongside your business? If the answer is no, it might be time to expand your on-premise storage setup and implement a hybrid cloud archiving strategy. And Markley can help! Connect with our team of experts to learn how: