3 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Cloud Investments

By Morgan Woodruff | July 13, 2017

For most organizations, moving to the cloud is no small task. It takes time, manpower and financial resources. So, reaping a significant ROI is critical.

But according to a new survey of more than 300 IT operations professionals, only 20 percent of organizations are getting the most out of their cloud investments.

That’s a problem. What should organizations do to make sure they’re experiencing the many benefits cloud computing can provide? Here are three tips to consider:

One cloud does not fit all: Many factors should be considered when selecting a cloud solution for your organization, including the type of data you’re storing, how quickly and often you need to access it and the level of security necessary to meet particular regulations.

Considering the now and the future: A critical component in any cloud investment is making sure it can adapt and change to your organization’s evolving data requirements. Implementing a storage solution that meets your needs now and in the future – meaning it can easily and affordably scale – is key in achieving desired ROI.

Trust your partners and providers: This starts with doing your due diligence. When selecting a cloud provider, make sure they understand your goals, offer the services necessary to deliver reliable uptime and backup, and are committed to supporting organization far beyond deployment.

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