Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

By Timothy Sherbak | November 1, 2018

What good is having a sound plan in place, if it is never tested? Not very, especially in the realm of disaster recovery.

No longer can IT professionals claim negligence in understanding the uber-importance of having a disaster recovery plan in place, as a recent study tells us more than 95 percent of respondents have indeed spent significant time and money on designing such a plan. Interestingly, and shortsightedly, 23 percent of these same respondents admitted that the very plan designed to recover from disaster has never been tested. How is it feasible to allocate valuable resources to a necessary aspect of modern IT operations without knowing its effectiveness?

This seems almost unthinkable with the frequency of business and service outages in today’s IT landscape, with more than 30 percent of respondents from the same study claiming they’ve lost revenue due to such outages over the past year. Compounding matters, 77 percent of IT professionals claim to have experienced at least one outage over that same time period, with 59 percent experiencing up to three.

Whatever the reason for not testing a disaster recovery plan – lack of time, inadequate resources or simply not recognizing the activity as high priority, it is a recipe for disaster in disaster recovery.

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