Tackling Security and Compliance in Healthcare

By Chris Kenney | November 9, 2017

When thinking of cloud-first industries with strict compliance and security regulations – healthcare is be top of mind.

A recent look at major data breaches this year by HealthcareInfoSecurity validates this train of thought. With an exponential increase in cloud adoption amongst healthcare providers in recent years, and no shortage of sensitive patient data and critical business information to protect, attackers have taken notice.

As of July, nearly 150 healthcare breaches were reported to federal regulators, impacting almost 2.7 million individuals. Last year, 36 percent of total data breaches were reported by healthcare organizations. The numbers don’t lie. Selecting the right cloud and data storage provider is crucial.

Markley understands healthcare security and compliance requirements, offering the most advanced cloud-based infrastructure available, and successfully completing healthcare-specific audits and confirmation for PCI, SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance.

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