Tried & True: Colocation Remains Unstoppable

By Jeff Flanagan | March 31, 2020

Building a next generation data center isn’t within reach for every company -- from cooling to maintenance to employing staff around the clock, sometimes the juice is simply not worth the squeeze.

That’s where colocation comes in. Colocation can match and exceed your IT and business requirements without the significant upfront capital costs and long-term operating expenses.

Colocation facilities build and maintain the infrastructure (such as redundant power sources, generators and cooling), network access and connections -- making it easier for enterprises to quickly deploy and scale cloud computing capabilities, support data-intensive IoT applications and services, and direct-connect to network providers and other enterprises. Furthermore, colocation services can decrease operational costs because enterprises themselves aren’t responsible for buying, setting up and maintaining an entire data center independently. This includes access to a larger team of experts, which enables organizations to more effectively leverage internal IT staff -- who don’t have to worry about keeping infrastructure running and can more effectively manage other issues -- and reduce risk.

Today, one of the main factors we’ve seen most appealing for organizations looking to make the move to colocation is the connectivity options available. Colocation facilities are often home to multiple carriers and service providers (Markley is home to over 100 international and domestic network providers), so colocation customers get a wider range of choices in networking and connectivity -- leading to a more personalized and cost-effective solution.

Here at Markley, we pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading colocation offerings. Our mission is to enable organizations to house their IT infrastructure via customizable suite and cage designs, and protect it with state-of-the-art, uninterruptible power and cooling systems. Our facilities also support high-density applications, dark fiber connectivity, and tailored security levels.

With superior offerings, including 2N redundancy, access to the Boston Internet Exchange, public cloud providers, and 24/7/365 on-site service and support, Markley delivers unparalleled colocation services to its customers. This means customers can focus on what’s going to move their businesses forward, and not have to wonder whether their networks will stay up and running.

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