Preparing for a Long Term Hybrid IT Strategy? The Importance of Including Colocation!

By Adam Burnham | June 21, 2022

As we continue to embrace the reality that hybrid work is here to stay, data centers have remained a critical piece of the complex IT puzzle. However, as IT teams work to develop long-term hybrid IT infrastructure to focus on on-premise, cloud-based infrastructure, and hybrid cloud models, it’s important to not forget about colocation.

Last week, SearchDataCenter discussed the many advantages of colocation – and here at Markley, we couldn’t agree more!

Colocation facilities build and maintain the infrastructure (such as redundant power sources, generators and cooling), network access and connections -- making it easier for enterprises to quickly deploy and scale cloud computing capabilities, support data-intensive IoT applications and services, and direct-connect to network providers and other enterprises. This often results in decreased operational costs, since enterprises are no longer responsible for buying, setting up and maintaining an entire datacenter independently. With colocation, enterprises gain access to a larger team of experts, which enables them to more effectively leverage internal IT staff -- who don’t have to worry about keeping infrastructure running and can more effectively manage other issues -- and reduce risk.

At Markley, we pride ourselves on providing colocation services that deliver significant reductions in upfront capital costs, highly redundant cooling and 2N UPS designs for all suites, access to dedicated dark fiber networks, and 24x7 on-site service and support. Our facilities offer customizable suite and cage designs for housing IT infrastructure, all protected by state of the art, uninterruptible power and backup systems.

Moral of the story? Colocation is a strategy that should not be ignored. To learn more about Markley’s colocation services, please visit: