Hosting the Clouds - Survey Results, Part 2

By Chris Kenney | August 20, 2013

Last week, we took a look at how the feelings of our IT managers have changed when it comes to cloud computing and accepting that public and hybrid solutions are a much better solution than keeping everything in-house and managing it yourself.

With that in mind, we turn to this week’s topic: hosting. Namely, we were interested in how respondents were splitting up hosting in their organizations between internal, colocation and public cloud hosting solutions. Let’s take a look at the results.

(4) We asked respondents to “estimate what percentage of your organization’s computing is internally hosted, co-located, or in the public cloud – now and 3 years from now”

We asked folks what percentage their organization had committed to three areas – internal hosting, colocation and public cloud. First up, 31% of respondents said that anywhere from 1-25% of their computing is internally hosted. 24% said that 26-50% was internally hosted, 14% said 51-75%, 21% said 76-100% and 10% said none.

On the colocation front, 24% said that 1-25% was collocated, 28% said that 26-50% was collocated, 24% responded that 51-75% was collocated, 17% said that 76-100% was collocated and 7% said none.

Lastly, in looking at what percentages were hosted in the public cloud, a whopping 56% of respondents said that 1-25% was in the public cloud, with 7% in the 26-50% range, 3% in the 51-75% group, 3% in the 76-100% group and 31% were not using the public cloud.

Clearly, the IT managers surveyed did not feel that the public cloud was a perfect fit for their needs – at least not in its current form.