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Run your AWS workloads on the Markley Cloud without any code changes
Save up to 60% on your monthly AWS bill with flat & predictable pricing

The best of AWS, made even better

AppScale on Markley Cloud provides a fully AWS-compatible private cloud, with a better user experience and comprehensive customer service at a lower cost.

By leveraging the global reach of Markley’s network of data centers and industry-leading network connectivity, AppScale on Markley Cloud moves AWS services to the customer’s locale. The result is faster and more reliable response times for an improved user experience.

Markley is ready to fully support and maintain its cloud hosting services with best-in-class customer service, prime user experience, flexible & scalable solutions, and cost savings of 30%-60%.


"AppScale on Markley Cloud is core to our hybrid cloud strategy, providing us with a seamless experience between our private cloud infrastructure and AWS. We’re able to leverage AWS capabilities at over a 50% cost reduction - adopting the solution is a no brainer."

The Markley Experience

Improve Privacy, Security, Gravity – Own the environment as your own AWS region. Air-gap with ease.

No Modification of Your Code

You can manage AppScale via AWS' Command Line Interface (CLI).

Keep Your AWS

On-demand/high-volume apps belong on AWS, but it’s overkill for core apps.

Significant Savings

Save 30-60% (seriously).

Leverage Previous AWS Investments

Have you been embracing AWS? All of it applies: just that our cloud fees are (much) lower!

Low Risk Start: No Upfront Cost

Migrate test, dev or COTS to test drive AppScale’s platform.

Workload Placement Flexibility

Gain control and optimize workloads between AWS and your private cloud.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

AWS is great, but you don’t need to drive a space shuttle to the store.

Achieve Better Legal Protection

You own all your data, all the time, with superior intellectual property (IP) protection.

Building a Better AWS Hybrid Cloud


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Are you an existing AWS client? If yes, great! There’s no modification required.


Would you like to lower your monthly AWS bill? If yes, we can show you how to start small (or big).


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"AppScale is lightyears ahead of the competition."

About AppScale

AppScale was founded by the same cloud pioneers who founded Eucalyptus (now HP). With rock-solid code, hundreds of millions of dollars and man-hours invested, AppScale prides themselves on unifying superior technology at affordable prices. Their social mission is to expand access, transparency, and competition across cloud infrastructure markets.

appscale table

How AppScale Gives You the Best of AWS


Technical Triumphs

Validation | Amazon

Amazon evaluated compatibility of AppScale treating it as another region.

Best Compatibility | Amazon

AppScale was the first to support Netflix OSS tools due to API fidelity with AWS.

Scale | Nokia

AppScale helped deploy 300,000 cores running across 3 continents, with a lean staff of 3.

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