Play Ball with the Boston Red Sox and Markley Group

By Adam Burnham | April 20, 2017

Every year when Spring arrives, the team here at Markley Group looks forward to the good weather, brushing off the winter chill with some IT spring cleaning, and starting anew. But Spring also means something else, especially to a proud sports town like Boston – the start of baseball season!

Since the Boston Red Sox kicked off their season earlier this month, we thought it was appropriate to take a look back at a great story from Gigaom, which explores how the Red Sox utilize Markley Group’s data center and colocation services to ensure their IT department is always batting above .300.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Face it, even if the Red Sox did want to expand Fenway, the Mass Pike and Brookline Avenue bordering the walls are fairly immoveable objects. Given that limitation, the smart use of existing real estate for IT is very important.

That was apparent back in 2007 and 2008 when the Red Sox computer room sat behind the ticket office. “We were renovating and our need for technology kept growing [but] it was clear we didn’t have adequate power or cooling — this is a 100-year-old building,” [Red Sox IT Director Steve] Conley said. Something had to give.

So they looked at alternatives for their IT build-out. And, even though Conley was a “self-described server hugger” who really did not want to put any IT off premises, it was pretty clear that had to happen.

After checking out co-lo and data centers in and near Boston, the Red Sox decided to go with the Markley Group, with its shiny, expansive facilities atop the old Jordan Marsh (now Macy’s) store a few miles away in Downtown Crossing. “They blew us away. There was no way we could come close to what they provide so my reluctance went away pretty quickly after researching the project and assessing the costs,” Conley said.

The Red Sox are a perfect example of what Markley Group does best – help customers solve their unique challenges by implementing solutions that are tailored and customized to specific business needs. If you’re interested in learning more about Markley Group’s offering – from colocation to cloud solutions – get in touch with our team of experts today,

Don’t forget to jump over to Gigaom to read the entire story:

Go Sox!