Markley in the News: Cloud Supercomputing Covered by Several Outlets!

By Chris Kenney | May 22, 2017

Last week we launched our first-of-its kind supercomputing-as-a-service solution with the world’s leading supercomputer company, Cray. As we were working with them to develop the offering we knew we were on to something that could be a game-changer for lots of companies – and the media agreed!

Here’s a sampling of some of the media coverage we’ve seen about the Markley-Cray supercomputing in the cloud offering; give them a read:

BetaNews, “Cray partnership delivers supercomputing-as-a-service

Excerpt: “A new partnership between cloud computing and data center specialist Markley and leading supercomputer brand Cray is offering supercomputing-as-a-service to make it easier and more affordable for research scientists, data scientists, and IT executives to access dedicated, powerful computing and analytic capability.”

Data Center Frontier, “Cray, Markley Team on Supercomputing as a Service

Excerpt: “Markley will host the Cray supercomputer at One Summer Street, the company’s 920,000 square foot data hub, which is home to more than 90 connectivity providers. Markley and Cray will collaborate to build and develop industry-specific solutions.”

EE Times, “'Supercomputer-as-a-Service' Model is Born

Excerpt: “Academics routinely use national lab supercomputers, but even if given permission have to queue up their job with those from dozens of other beggars. Only the national lab itself routinely has access to all the resources of a supercomputer for a single job. ‘There are no other supercomputers in the cloud,’ Jeff Flanagan, executive vice president at the Markley Group told EE Times. ‘Our unique offering uses an independent reservation model by the week or even month for exclusive access to a Cray supercomputer -- not sharing it with others.’”

eWeek, “Cray Partners With Markley to Bring Supercomputing to the Cloud

Excerpt: “With Markley, Cray is partnering with a 26-year-old infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider based in Boston that runs more than 3 million square feet of data center space in the United States and Europe. Bringing supercomputing capabilities to its lineup of services makes sense at a time when the demand for cloud computing, analytics and machine learning is growing, according to Markley CTO Patrick Gilmore.”

GenomeWeb, “Cray Teams With Markley to Offer 'Supercomputing-as-a-Service' to Life Sciences

Excerpt: "’It can accelerate their science work and get them answers faster,’ said Markley Chief Technology Officer Patrick Gilmore. ‘They can develop blockbuster drugs faster and save people's lives.’”

HPCWire, “Cray Offers Supercomputing as a Service, Targets Biotechs First

Excerpt: “’If you are in New England the Markley datacenter is pretty much the center of the Internet – something like 70 percent of the internet fiber goes through that building so there are lots of ways to get into the building. We’ll get you a connection either a VPN or a direct fiber. Most of the genomics customers we’re talking to are already customers with colocation [here], so there is probably direct fiber from their offices, their sequencers, to the building.’”

The Register, “Cray dips toe in supercomputing-as-a-service

Excerpt: “One reason for picking Markley's data centre as the first home for the service is its connectivity, on a local basis, to major networks. The company claims more than 90 carriers and network providers have a presence in the facility.”

TechRepublic, “Supercomputing as a Service comes to the cloud with new Cray partnership

Excerpt: “Supercomputing can be a boon to organizations that analyze increasingly large, complex datasets, but the high price tag for those machines often puts them out of reach. But a new Supercomputing as a Service offering from Cray and Markley aims to make it easier and more affordable for data scientists and IT executives to access powerful computing capabilities that improve time to discovery and data-driven decision making.”

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