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As the region’s telecom hub and carrier hotel, it is natural that Markley is the AWS Direct Connect location for New England. With unrivaled connectivity, diversity, and bandwidth, Markley is a central component of AWS Direct Connect solutions from across the Markley Network, our ecosystem of over 100 carriers.

Whether you are working with large data sets, streaming real-time data feeds, or building a highly secure hybrid environment, our networking experts will design and optimize connectivity from your office, data center, or colocation facility to your public and private AWS resources.

Secure, High Bandwidth, Low Latency Connectivity

Solutions from a competitive marketplace

Choose from amongst multiple telecom carriers

Diverse and redundant

Highly available access across end-to-end diverse paths

Right-sized to your environment

Solutions from 50Mbps to 10Gbps+ and beyond

A rich set of auxiliary services

Optimize AWS spend with Markley colocation and cloud services

Secure data in transit

MACsec available

AWS direct connect

Directly Connect to Amazon Web Services with Markley

Reduce network costs, increase throughput and get the most out of your in-house data center and AWS-hosted resources with secure connectivity solutions designed by Markley.

Reduce bandwidth and data transfer costs

Reduce your ISP bandwidth commitment plus transfer data at reduced AWS Direct Connect rates.

Achieve consistent network performance

Overcome high latency due to dynamic routing across the Internet with private, dedicated connections.

Direct Connect from anywhere

Work with Markley to architect fully diverse routes via point-to-point (P2P) or dedicated Internet (DIA) to New England’s only AWS Direct Connect location.

Direct Connect your Markley resources

Cross-connect from your Markley colocated data center and the Markley Cloud to AWS DX with redundant 1Gb or 10Gb links.

Experience Markley quality and resilience

All AWS Direct Connect solutions and carriers rely on Markley mission-critical infrastructure, security, and 7x24x365 enterprise support.

Easily access Markley-hosted services

With connectivity through Markley, enjoy high bandwidth access to the Boston Internet Exchange and Markley storage, HPC, backup and disaster recovery services.

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AWS diagram

Markley architects AWS connectivity specifically to meet your needs, incorporating diverse routes, high bandwidth circuits, and auxiliary services to optimize your AWS efficiency.

AWS Connectivity from Across the Markley Network

Get to the right solution fast with Markley ecosystem knowledge, practical advice, and design expertise.

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