New England’s Premier Hub for IP Peering

Housed at Markley’s One Summer Street and Lowell locations, The Boston Internet Exchange provides clients with a unique IP peering network across a dedicated switching fabric.

Allowing for both low and high speed connections, the Boston IX is designed to optimize network performance, reduce latency, and eliminate the unnecessary costs associated with intermediary networks.


Boston Internet Exchange

The Boston Internet Exchange (BOSIX) is another reason Markley’s One Summer Street facility is the ideal location for an organization’s IP PoP and enterprise WAN/LAN node in New England. Home to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Network (CDNs) and leading financial, healthcare, academic, government, and science and technology firms, the BOSIX lowers overall IP transit costs allowing for the most efficient exchange of traffic.

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“Utilizing Markley’s critical infrastructure for our data center has allowed the City of Boston to spend money on renovating schools and to make sure the streets and the sidewalks of the city are where they need to be.”
Bill Oates, CIO, City of Boston