Are You Prepared This Hurricane Season?

By Morgan Woodruff | September 21, 2017

If you’ve been following the devastating weather this hurricane season in Florida, Texas and the Caribbean, you know the immense strain it can put on infrastructure, services and resources.

While the safety and wellbeing of individuals should be the primary focus in the face of a natural disaster, there are things organizations can proactively do to make sure online resources – those critical for public safety and business operations – remain accessible. Here are the top steps Markley takes whenever our facilities are in potential danger, some of which can be applied to any natural disaster preparation:

Test Generators – In the face of an emergency, backup power is critical. By testing your business’s generators ahead of time, you can pinpoint any issues that might arise before the weather strikes.

Verify Fuel Levels – If you’re stuck without power for any extended period of time, having enough fuel to run business-critical equipment is a requirement. Fuel levels should never get much below the maximum capacity range, but especially if severe weather is headed your way.

Procure and Store All Necessary Equipment – Even if your equipment tests check out, the unexpected usually happens during a hurricane. Be sure you’re able to procure and store all the equipment necessary to make repairs on site well in advance.

Increase Rounds for All Mission Critical Space – If your data center or office space is in the line of severe weather, it’s possible you’ve already upped the number of emergency personnel you have on site. But that’s not always enough. Consider increasing the rounds staff make to mission critical space to catch any potential issues before they happen.

What is your organization doing to ensure your data is safe and accessible, regardless of weather or natural disasters? Share your thoughts with us here or connect with Markley on Twitter.