Multi-Cloud: The Most Bang For Your Buck

By Paul Andrews | November 15, 2017

There’s been no lack of cloud computing hype in the industry. At all.

The latest? Multi-cloud. Recent research from IDC predicts that more than 60% of enterprise IT organizations will have committed to multi-cloud architectures in 2018, driving up the rate and pace of change in IT organizations.

So why is multi-cloud all the rage? While storing data across multiple cloud environments is a fairly new strategy, it has been gaining a lot of momentum as an approach for organizations looking to safeguard sensitive information, control cloud costs and ensure data is always available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Multi-cloud strategies allow organizations to capitalize on each cloud provider’s strengths, to build a custom cloud computing strategy that best aligns with the organization’s needs. The best part? Multi-cloud doesn’t require businesses to overspend on infrastructure equipment, but rather simplifies the process, utilizing only the resources and costs needed to fit bandwidth, capacity and budget requirements.

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