Maximizing Enterprise Data Value While Mitigating Risk: A Perspective from Veeam

By Timothy Sherbak | April 17, 2019

As a trusted Markley partner, we value the opinion of Veeam’s leadership team. In this week’s blog, we explore what Veeam vice president of product strategy, Danny Allan, has to say about the key challenges for enterprise data on the road ahead.

Veeam is a world-leading IT company developing backups, disaster recovery and intelligent data management software for virtual, physical and multi-cloud infrastructures. The company understands the complexity of enterprise digital transformation driven by the increasing use of a myriad of data sources to enhance business processes.

Not only is the amount of data being collected growing to power ever-advancing analytics, but the number of places where that data is being stored across the data center and cloud continues to build as well. How businesses use and manage this influx of data has never been more critical, nor has it presented greater risk with emerging privacy regulations worldwide and the evolved sophistication of today’s cybercriminals.

Because of these risks, robust and resilient IT infrastructures are key to organizational success, and modern businesses are increasingly turning to various cloud strategies. Allan sites that while the majority of businesses are currently operating a hybrid cloud model with certain data and services running on-prem and others in the cloud, the cloud-first movement will continue to gain momentum in years to come.

Yet, as organizations adopt cloud services to leverage data for AI and machine learning, it is crucial not to rush to implement new technologies. Allan warns that “every cutting-edge technology and every cutting-edge idea from a risk side exposes you to an even greater attack service.”

In order to maximize data value while mitigating risk, organizations must assess the value of adding new systems and make decisions based on predicted outcomes. Only then will companies be able to harness data for innovative solutions and encourage new growth.

Here at Markley, we understand the data challenges modern businesses face and provide an array of mission-critical data center and cloud services enabling companies to extract optimal data value while ensuring information is kept safe and secure.

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