You’ve Migrated to the Cloud, What’s Next?

By Timothy Sherbak | March 5, 2019

Cloud computing has continued to dominate surveys as a top business priority throughout the past year, but most of the focus has been on simply making the transition. Among the many lessons learned in that migration is the need to drive efficiency and cost savings while simultaneously meeting strategic business needs.

A new survey from NetEnrich of 100 IT decision makers found that the migration is coming to an end, with 85 percent of respondents reporting either moderate or extensive production use of cloud infrastructure. In addition, 80 percent claimed their companies have moved at least a quarter of all their applications and workloads to the public cloud. However, with migration comes challenges and concerns. 68 percent cited their top cloud computing concern was security, with 59 percent citing IT spend and cost overruns, and 36 percent citing concerns over day-to-day maintenance.

Here at Markley, we understand the journey of migrating to the cloud can be challenging. While the cloud has emerged as a great solution for a variety of workloads, discerning which workloads to aggressively migrate can certainly be overwhelming. That’s why we’re committed to providing offerings that allow organizations to utilize the cloud however it works best for them, and not have to pay an arm and a leg to do it. In fact, Markley cloud solutions offer customers unmetered access to their Markley colocated resources, meaning customers are able to push and pull unlimited amounts of data at 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps speeds to and from their cloud-based resources without incurring transfer charges.

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