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Reduce Cost and Complexity

The design and rollout of truly diverse and redundant circuits are major time sinks, fraught with unwieldy product offerings, complex negotiations, middlemen, and lengthy provisioning delays.

With Markley, you minimize the time you spend managing vendors and significantly reduce your costs.

Let Markley act as your single service provider for all network services and support, from circuit design and architecture, support request tracking and issue resolution, to simplified billing.

Plus: get more enterprise-grade DIA, BOSIX, and cloud-provider access with the Markley Network Fabric.

An open telecom marketplace

As the region's primary telecom facility, the carrier-neutral Markley Network provides an open, competitive marketplace.

Objective and transparent

Markley provides pricing from across all our participating carriers to let you decide the right path for your business.

Designed by Markley network experts

Work with Markley network architects to design and build your next-gen network, from a single connection to complex multi-regional solutions

Flexibility and choice

Procure directly from vendors or work exclusively with
Markley to design, procure, and support your network infrastructure.

Consolidated billing

In contrast to complex billing from multiple carriers, Markley consolidates your bill into one simple invoice.

24x7x365 support

Get the most out of your network with Markley as your single point of contact for all service and support.

Markley Network Services

Streamline your networking infrastructure with optimized local and wide-area point-to-point and multi-point access. Available from 100Mb to 100Gb and everything in between, from/to any location, at any distance.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Enjoy reliable, business-grade Internet access complete with uncontended, symmetric bandwidth. Multiple bandwidth options to match your business needs.
Ethernet Private Line Bypass the public Internet with secure, dedicated bandwidth between sites for demanding applications and sensitive data, all while using standard Internet protocols.
Wavelength Enable high bandwidth and low latency point-to-point connectivity over a private dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) network.
MPLS Optimize your multi-site network latency and bandwidth usage with Multi-Protocol Label Switching. Securely scale and segment critical application and data traffic.
VPLS Securely interconnect your geo-dispersed sites with an Ethernet-based virtual private network, communicating multipoint-to-multipoint over standard IP or MPLS networks.
SD-WAN Increase your performance and agility with SD-WAN and hybrid networking solutions. Effectively use both public and private wide area networking to improve overall service quality.
Consulting & Design Services Markley network architects provide full service consulting and design, rightsized to the scope and complexity of your project.

Solutions for Every Need

Work directly with Markley experts to design, implement, and deliver networking solutions specific to your requirements based on offerings from these industry leaders.

Atlantic Broadband
Century Link
Crown Castle
Hurricane Electric
Windstream Enterprise

Accelerate Your Time to Value

Contact us today to learn how we can help accelerate your most urgent initiatives with scalable network services from Markley.

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