Markley Cloud Connect

Dedicated connectivity to your Markley Cloud resources

For most serious cloud users, connecting over the Internet is just not good enough. Security is paramount. Latency, bandwidth, and packet loss must have guarantees. Other considerations, such as private address space, also come into play.

Markley Cloud Connect solves these issues - and does it without bandwidth or data egress charges.

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Eliminate bandwidth charges

Other cloud providers charge for dedicated connectivity. In the Markley Cloud, bandwidth usage is unmetered. Push and pull as much data as you want, there is no charge for data transmitted over Markley Cloud Connects in either direction. And you still save money off your ISP bill.

Have it your way - Layer 2 or Layer 3

Markley enables Layer 2 connectivity to the Markley Cloud. No need to set up BGP or any other routing protocol. Extend your IP space from your colo environment to your Markley Cloud resources. The Markley Cloud is truly an extension of your existing infrastructure.

Security along with speed

Your bits travel over private, dedicated links to your cloud. The Internet is never involved. For your sensitive applications and data, Markley Cloud Connect is the best way to keep them secure.

Pick your partner

Because Markley has more carriers than any other data center in New England, there are more options to connect to the Markley Cloud than anywhere else. Whether you use a traditional carrier or a next generation network, we can connect you with one of our 100+ carriers.

Consistent performance

The Internet is notorious for inconsistent performance. Transfers can be slow, latency can go up, or the connection might break. Markley Cloud Connect is connectivity dedicated to you. No one is sharing your bandwidth and the speed is guaranteed.

Direct Connectivity the Way It Should Be

At Markley, redundancy and reliability are paramount. When connecting your Markley Colocation environment to the Markley Cloud, Markley provides a second Cloud Connect port at no charge and waives the monthly cross-connect fee.

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Connect via Layer 2 or Layer 3

Achieve consistent performance and guaranteed bandwidth

Use the carrier of your choice

Save money with no data bandwidth or egress charges

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