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Less Hassle. More enterprise-grade DIA, BOSIX, and cloud provider access.

Through the Markley Network Fabric, gain direct access to every major cloud provider, the Boston Internet Exchange, and direct Internet access redundantly provisioned across diverse paths, hardware, and providers. The Markley Network Fabric brings enterprise-grade, highly reliable, and high-performant switched connectivity directly to the home regions of multiple cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and dozens more. With speeds of 1G, 10G, and 100G that are provisioned to you as a pair by default, your workloads are assured the fastest and most reliable transport possible.

No need to provision and manage multiple connections.

The Markley Network Fabric provisions each connection with two ports by default, rewarding and encouraging reliable engineering, not penalizing you for it. You are not charged extra for a second connection. Gain direct connectivity across redundant and diverse paths for such services as:

Direct Internet Access

AWS DirectConnect (DX)

Boston Internet Exchange (BOSIX)

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure and ExpressRoute

Direct connectivity to cloud providers

In addition, Markley offers complete operational support of your routers, switches, and security appliances including device configuration, backup, troubleshooting, monitoring, upgrades, and support. Our network operations center monitors and remediates issues within your network 24x7x365. Bring and manage your own devices, or work with Markley to have them provided for you.

markley network fabric

Steve Zuromski | CIO, VP of IT | Bridgewater State University

"With our growing use of the Internet, being able to peer directly with the likes of Netflix, Akamai, Microsoft and Apple on the Boston Internet Exchange has been huge for us. For a flat access fee for a 10 gigabit pipe, we avoided having to double our Internet bandwidth."

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Get redundancy by default. Customers are provisioned two ports across diverse endpoints from the very start, without having to pay for a second interface. This enables ease of maintenance and protection against service outages.

Save on port density, manage fewer circuits.

With consolidated cloud provider access you can access any number of cloud providers over the same two ports. Instead of turning up a unique port for every distinct provider access, all services are delivered over the same redundant pair.

Direct, switched transport to major regions for cloud providers.

We provide layer 2 transport directly to the home regions of major cloud providers without traversing needless additional hops.

As this is a switched product offering and not a routed one, you can own your own LOAs and get that connectivity transported directly to your equipment here in Boston or Lowell without the unreliability of or reliance upon oversubscribed virtual interfaces. Your peering relationships are just one hop away.

Reliable inbound and outbound Internet access delivered over diverse, redundant hardware.

Receive ‘blended bandwidth’ Direct Internet Access with inbound BGP redundancy via public IP blocks advertised to diverse Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

We peer with no less than four distinct providers, pulling down full Internet routing tables from each to make the best routing decisions for our customers. We offer the ability to utilize our public IP space, advertised to each ISP via BGP, for inbound reliability, with prefixes delivered directly to the Markley boundary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How redundant are the circuits from the Markley Network Fabric?

Full Internet routing tables are pulled from at least four diverse Internet Service Providers (ISPs), providing fault tolerance in the event of a provider failure. Markley peers via BGP with all ISPs, allowing us to always select the most optimal path. For the Boston Internet Exchange, we provision at least two connections terminating on diverse endpoints to insulate against device or link failure.

How are customers insured redundancy to their devices?

By default, the Markley Network Fabric provides you with two physical connections on physically diverse endpoints. Like our upstream connections to Internet providers, AWS Direct Connect, the Boston Internet Exchange, and other major cloud providers, fault tolerance against device and link failures is assured.

How much extra does the redundant link cost?

Whereas obtaining a second link to a service provider or AWS Direct Connect peer would normally double your cost with another provider, Markley provides this link redundancy to you at no extra cost. Our goal is to enable your fault tolerant workloads, not penalize you for them.

Can I pick and choose who I connect to?

With Markley Network Fabric, you pay for only what you need. No need to peer with BOSIX, or DX? Only want Internet and DX connectivity? That’s no problem — connectivity is available as you need it, to whom you need it. Don’t pay for what you don’t use.

What kind of latency can I expect to the US East region?

On average, we see Round Trip Times (RTT) of about 12 to 13ms across all of our diverse paths between Boston and the Ashburn, VA campus. Whereas other providers may have diverse paths with their ‘backup’ or ‘secondary’ path taking a more circuitous route, incurring RTTs upward of 40ms or more, we’ve worked to guarantee all of our paths are as direct as possible, while still maintaining total diversity.

I don’t have my own equipment. Can you help with providing it?

Yes. We will work with you to select and provision the appropriate hardware in a cost-effect manner according to your budget and needs.

I have my own equipment, but I don't want to manage it. Can you help with that?

Yes. We can provide for complete management of your network devices, including 24x7 monitoring, support, and issue remediation. Our deep technical expertise also enables us to assist with network design and architecture.Like your connectivity options, we can manage as much or as little as you like.

I don’t have my own public IP address for Internet access. Are you able to provide one?

Yes. We have our own IPv4 and IPv6 blocks advertised to all of our providers via BGP and can offer you address space within these blocks. This allows for graceful outbound and inbound routing failover, allowing users to access your services right at the Markley Internet boundary.

How do I peer with companies on the Boston Internet Exchange?

You may either reach out to individual companies on the exchange for agreement, or you can simply peer with our route servers, with new peering relationships being established all the time, facilitating multilateral peering. You can then control via BGP policy which routes you would like to receive. Since our route servers are never in the data path, you are further protected against failure.

I have a presence in the Lowell datacenter. Can I still use this service?

Yes. We can facilitate connectivity between your devices at Boston and Lowell, providing you with a dedicated wave on redundant, optically encrypted paths. Your equipment in Lowell can utilize this same connection to obtain access to the services you select available via the Markley Network Fabric. Our refreshed optical spans between Boston and Lowell datacenters are redundant, optically encrypted, and ready to support you at 1G, 10G, 100G, and higher.

I don’t have a presence in either datacenter. Can I still use this service?

Yes. We can connect your offsite infrastructure directly to our Fabric via dedicated connections.

What speeds are available?

We offer rates at 1G, 10G, or 100G. Please note that speeds for individual services (such as AWS DirectConnect) may be limited to the provider’s service offering. At present, AWS Direct Connect supports hosted interfaces at 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500Mbps, as well as 1 and 10Gbps. For more information on DX Hosted Connections, see:

Do you support link aggregation (LAG)?

Yes. We offer LAG configurations in multiples of 1G, 10G, or 100G. Reach out and let us know what your connectivity needs are, and we can facilitate as needed

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