Markley Network Fabric

More enterprise-grade DIA, BOSIX, and cloud provider access, only one hop away.

The Markley Network Fabric provisions each connection with two redundant ports by default, rewarding and encouraging reliable engineering, not penalizing you for it. You are not charged extra for a second connection. Gain direct connectivity across redundant and diverse paths for such services as:

Direct Internet Access from multiple diverse providers

Direct connectivity to 140+ cloud providers

AWS DirectConnect (DX)

Boston Internet Exchange (BOSIX)

Google Cloud

Microsoft ExpressRoute

In addition, our network fabric is extensible beyond the data center to any remote or branch locations. Markley offers complete operational support of your routers, switches, and security appliances including device configuration, backup, troubleshooting, monitoring, upgrades, and support. Our network operations center monitors and remediates issues within your network 24x7x365. Bring and manage your own devices, or work with Markley to have them provided for you.

markley network fabric

Steve Zuromski | CIO, VP of IT | Bridgewater State University

"With our growing use of the Internet, being able to peer directly with the likes of Netflix, Akamai, Microsoft and Apple on the Boston Internet Exchange has been huge for us. For a flat access fee for a 10 gigabit pipe, we avoided having to double our Internet bandwidth."

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Effective January 2024 - New features and service enhancements that further strengthen the Markley Network Fabric’s capabilities:

BOSIX routes over DIA: Customers can now take advantage of the low-latent, high-speed connectivity of BOSIX without the need to provision and manage their own peering sessions to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft.

MACSec Encryption: Line-rate encryption for 1-, 10-, and 100-gigabit ports ensures secure and encrypted connectivity across the entire network backbone.

Custom Dashboards and Alarming: Customers can now visualize their Fabric traffic statistics and create custom alarms to proactively monitor network performance, offering visibility into such metrics as throughput, utilization, errors, and more.

Supporting documentation below:


Network Fabric Interface Monitoring and Alarming Guide 


The Markley Network Fabric, Boston Internet Exchange, and You: A Practical Example 


Navigate to your custom dashboard via our customer portal

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Markley Network Fabric

Gain access to multiple fiber entrances for redundancy and direct access to content providers and established enterprises through our cross-connect facilities. That means your most critical applications are linked to a truly dynamic, global ecosystem.




The Markley Network Fabric supports a number of configuration options for customers to choose from. To help you decide which design works best for you and your goals, we have provided a number of reference architectures for you to explore.


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Key Feature Key Benefit Value Add
Redundancy by default. Two ports across diverse endpoints provisioned from the start, no extra cost. Ease of maintenance and protection against service outages. Save on port density, manage fewer circuits.
Consolidated cloud provider access. Ability to access any number of cloud providers over the same two ports. No need to turn up a unique port for every distinct provider access. All services delivered over the same redundant pair. Direct, switched transport to major regions for cloud providers.
Layer 2 transport directly to the home regions of major cloud providers without needless additional hops. Switched (not routed) product offering with your own LOAs and connectivity transported directly to your equipment without relying on oversubscribed virtual interfaces. Reliable inbound and outbound Internet access delivered over diverse, redundant hardware.


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